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Teroson WX 350-60 L (wosk do profili) /Terotex HV 350

Product description:
TEROSON WX 350 is a solvent containing anticorrosive agent based on waxes, polymers and anticorrosive additives, which is primarily used for cavity conservation of rust-endangered cavities of motor vehicles. The material is a liquid wax solution. TEROSON WX 350 infiltrates and displaces humidity because the wax characteristic acts water repellent. The product contains a high content of rust inhibitors which optimize the corrosion protection. TEROSON WX 350 atomizes to a fine fog during spraying and has good penetration characteristics. This leads to optimum protection even of those areas which are difficult to reach and also between narrow sheet metal tolerances. It penetrates well into the gaps to be protected (e.g. welding seams), but does not run off significantly from lower seams.´The material may also be applied at temperatures below 15°C, but penetration is improved when product and car body have normal room temperature. After complete drying TEROSON WX 350 forms a plastic, waxlike, slightly tacky, water-repellent film with a beigetransparent colour. The protective film changes the surface tension causing water to drip off.

Application areas:
TEROSON WX 350 is primarily used in garages for spraying cavities in motor vehicle bodies in addition to the existing cavity conservation applied to new cars, for follow-up treatment after 2 - 3 years and after an accident damage repair. TEROSON WX 350 can also be used for care and maintenance of the entire underbody: it protects from rust, has a brightening effect on all parts looking shabby or slightlyrusty. In this case spray the underbody just lightly. TEROSON WX 350 is also fitted removable protection of bare metal parts, e.g. when shipping on boats. Further information can be obtain from local technical department:

Directions for use:
Preliminary statement
Prior to application it is necessary to read the Material Safety Data Sheet for information about precautionary measures and safety recommendations. Also, for chemical products exempt from compulsory labeling, the relevant precautions should always be observed.

Shake well before processing bundle content. TEROSON WX 350 can be applied both, with the HV-Cup Pistol with the respective probes. Application pressure for the HV-Cup Pistol is 2 - 4 bar. For the treatment of the entire underbody we recommend the pressure fed cup pistol with the hook probe for surface coating and areas particularly difficult to reach, e.g. under the wheel arch.

  • Frost sensitive : yes
  • Recommended storage temperature : 15 to 25 °C; the product stays liquid even at lower temperatures
  • Shelf life : 18 months

  • Colour : light beige transparent
  • Odour : mild odour
  • Consistency : liquid,slightly thixotropic
  • Density : approx. 0.85 g/cm³
  • Solid : approx. 43 %
  • Dripping Temperature of the solids (DIN 51801) : approx. >160 °C
  • Viscosity : approx. 20 mPa.s
  • Flow time acc. DIN 53211 : approx. 16 s
  • Nozzle : 4 mm Ø
  • Penetration >35 mm; gap 0,1 mm
  • Corrosion resistance : no corrosion
  • Application temperature : 15 to 25 °C
  • In service temperature : -40 to 100 °C
  • Short exposure (up to 1 h) : 130 °C

    Full technical information can be found in the technical data sheet
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