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Teroson WX 215 CC -500 ml spray (Wachs zu Profilen)

Product description:
TEROSON WX 215 is a solvent-based anti-corrosion agent for the protection of cavities.It is a thin, slightly thixotropic, atomizing spray which can reach narrow spaces using the special spray tube clung to the cap. Cavity Spray creeps into gaps and drives out moisture. The product contains a high proportion of rust inhibitors. TEROSON WX 215 is very finely atomized on spraying, has outstanding creep qualities, penetrates well into the spaces to be protected (e.g. welds) and yet does not run excessively from the bottoms of such joints. (In case of excess dripping cover the floor with paper or similar or reduce the amount of material.) The material can even be used at temperatures as low as 10°C, though creep qualities are improved if the product and the bodywork are at room temperature.When fully dry, the anti-corrosion agent forms a soft remaining, water-repellent film of a light brown, nearly translucent colour.

Application areas:
TEROSON WX 215 is used in workshops principally for spraying the open interiors of cavities as an additional protection over and above the existing cavity sealant in new vehicles and for re-treatment after accident repairs. With the attached spraying head the anti-corrosion agent can also be sprayed for the protection of areas, e.g. on underbodies resulting in a high rust protection and a fresh, new appearance. Further information about the product can be obtain from local technical department:

Directions for use:
Any items of trim and covers should be removed. Any rust should be removed as far as possible. To spray awkward areas (e.g. semi-hollow zones such as doors etc.), the special spray head with the tube is used. The material should be at room temperature when used. If stored for long periods and if the material is at a temperature below 15°C, the material becomes more thixotropic. Therefore the can should be shaken vigorously before use until the ball-bearing becomes audible.

The body parts (which should be free from dust and grease) should be sprayed evenly, with the can held upright during spraying. When using the spray tube, this can be moved slowly in circles whilst spraying so that all directions are covered. The spray head with the circular jet nozzle enables fine and even coating of areas, e.g. on the vehicle underbody, resulting in an excellent appearance. Slightly spraying rubber and plastic parts makes these look clearly fresher.

Any escaping TEROSON WX 215 can be wiped off easily. TEROSON VR 10 is suitable for cleaning partially dried material. Any splashes onto painted surfaces should be removed immediately.

  • Frost sensitive : yes
  • Recommended storage temperature :15 to 25 °C; (never heat above 50 °C!)
  • Shelf life 18 months

  • Colour : light brown, translucent
  • Odour weak characteristic odour of white spirit after complete drying:very weak, mild
  • Density approx. 0.72 g/cm³
  • Solid approx. 40 %
  • Drop point of solid (DIN 51801) : 60 °C
  • Sag resistance : max. 100 µm
  • Penetration : >20 mm
  • Behaviour in paint drying ovens (1.5 hrs at 60°C) no running (after complete drying)
  • Dry film thickness : 50 µm
  • Application temperature : 15 to 25 °C
  • In service temperature : -40 to 90 °C
  • Short exposure (up to 1 h) : 100 °C

    Full technical information can be found in technical data sheet
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