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Teroson VR 620-400 ml / Loctite LB 8018 (rostloser)

Product description:
TEROSON VR 620 is a transparent super penetrating oil in an aerosol can, based on a blend of petroleum oils and additives.The product quickly flows between rusted and corroded parts to break the bond of oxidized metal. Due to its exceptional penetrating properties it is also suitable for loosening tar, grease, dirt and other carbon deposits. The product leaves a thin film that lubricates and prevents rust. TEROSON VR 620 is specifically designed as a super penetrating oil to free rusted or frozen nuts, bolts, screws, fittngs and other fasteners as well as metal components in automotive and industrial equipment. It is also recommended for cleaning parts before lubrication and as a light lubricant and rust inhibitor.Further information on the product can be obtained from your local technical department:

Directions for use:
1. Shake can thoroughly before use.
2. Best results are obtained when the product is at room temperature.
3. Spray an even coat of TEROSON VR 620 from a distance of about 20 to 25 cm.
4. Allow the product to penetrate for approximately 5 minutes.
5. Light tapping with a hammer will speed up penetration.
6. Thereafter, separate or disassemble parts in a normal fashion.
7. In extreme cases, a second application with a longer soaking time may be required.
8. For loosening tar, grease, dirt, oil and carbon deposits follow the above instructions. After appropriate soaking time, remove loosened dirt with a cloth or with a plastic or wooden scraper.

The product is classified as flammable and must be stored in an appropriate manner in compliance with relevantregulations. Do not store near oxidizing agents or combustible materials. Store product in the unopened container in a drylocation. Storage information may also be indicated on the product container labelling.
Optimal Storage: 8 °C to 21 °C. Storage below 8 °C or greater than 28 °C can adversely affect product properties.
Material removed from containers may be contaminated during use. Do not return product to the original container.
Henkel cannot assume responsibility for product which has been contaminated or stored under conditions other than those previously indicated.

  • Appearance : clear yellow-brown liquid
  • Propellant : carbon dioxide
  • Solubility in water : insoluble
  • Solubility in acetone : soluble
  • Specific gravity (20 °C) : 0,777 to 0,789
  • Refractive index : 1,425 to 1,437

Full technical information can be found in the technical data sheet.