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Product description:
Teroson RB 81 is a high quality, strongly adhesive sealing tape based on butyl rubber with plasto-elastic properties. The particularly strong tackiness provides a firm lamination between the contact surfaces and, therefore, a reliable sealing effect. Teroson RB 81 is self-welding. Higher temperature influence for a short time has no adverse effect on quality and funktion. Further information on the product can be obtained from the local technical department:

Steps to achieve the best adhesive results:
Application as sealing tape
Unroll Teroson RB 81 and cut it to the desired length. Then apply the tape to the surface requiring sealing and press it on. Experience has shown that it is best not to remove the release paper or film when unrolling the tape, but only after ithas been applied and pressed on. In this way any unwanted stretching of the tape during application can be prevented and the sealing tape is protected from dirt. After peeling off the release paper, press on the mating part and fix the entire assembly mechanically, if necessary.

Application from hobbocks and drums
To apply Teroson RB 81 from drums or hobbocks extruder spiral-, piston-, gear- or rotary-pumps can be used. Here, the pump and the follower plate, hose and applicator must be heatable. By heating Teroson RB 81 gets plasticized and hence pumpable. Equipment with separate heating circuits and independent control turned out to be favorable, with the lowest temperature at the follower plate and the highest temperature at the application nozzle. The processing temperatures are between 80°C and 160°C, with the optimum range depending on the desired output and other specific requirements. On request, we will provide you with the needed information on suitable application equipment. The heated application pistol can be used either manually, on a fixed basis, or attached to an automatic application system (robot, CNC). The application nozzle may be designed according to individual requirements.

  • Frost-Sensitive No
  • Recommended Storage Temperature, °C 5 to 35
  • Shelf-life (in unopened original packaging), months : 24

  • Density, g/cm³: approx. 1.26
  • Consistency: soft, plasto-elastic
  • Solids, %: 100
  • Elastograph value, Nm: approx. 0.115
  • Penetration (cone 150 g, 6 s, 23°C), mm: approx. 71 1/10
  • Tack: very strong
  • Paint compatibility: can be painted
  • In service temperature range, °C: -40 to 80 (Short exposure (up to 1 h), °C: 200)

    Full technical information can be found in the technical data sheet
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