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Product description:
TEROSON PU 8511 is a black, thin liquid, solventcontaining primer on the basis of polyurethane. The product is notable for its excellent covering properties and its good UV-stability. It is free from chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents. Further information can be obtain from local technical department.

Application Areas:
TEROSON PU 8511 is used as an adhesion promoter on glass and glass ceramic for glass bonding with polyurethane-based 1c or 2c adhesives / sealants. TEROSON PU 8511 is also suitable for improving the adhesion of other polyurethane-based adhesives / sealants on various plastics, painted surfaces and metals (trials are recommended).

Directions for use:
Prior to use, shake the aluminum bottle vigorously by hand for at least 2 minutes. A steel ball is provided in the bottle to assist mixing.This should move freely after three to four shakes. It is also possible to mount the bottle after shaking on a vibrator unit. Inclined mountinghas been found to be suitable.

TEROSON PU 8511 may be applied thinly and evenly with felt applicator, sponge, brush or by spray. A second application on the same point should be avoided, as partially-dried primer will be softened again which can adversely affect appereance. The optimal application temperature is between 15 to 25 °C

  • Frost-sensitive : no
  • Recommended storage temperature : 15 to 25 °C
  • Shelf life : 6 months in original packaging

  • Colour : black
  • Odour : smell of acetic ester
  • Consistency : thin liquid
  • Density : approx. 1 g/cm³
  • Solids : approx. 38 %
  • Drying time (23 °C, 50 % rh) : 0.5 to 5 min (depending on thickness applied)
  • Primer activity : up to 4 days (depending on storage conditions, used substrate and adhesive)
  • In service temperature range : -40 to 90 °C
  • Short exposure (up to 3 h) : 120 °C
  • Preferred coating thickness : approx. 25 to 50 µm wet

    Further information can be found in technical data sheet
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