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Product description:
TEROSON MS 9120 is a gun-grade, one component sealant based on silane modified polymers, which cures by reaction with moisture to a soft elastic product. The skin formation and curing times are dependent on humidity and temperature, and the curing time also depends on joint depth. By increasing the temperature and moisture these times can be reduced; low temperature as well as low moisture retard the process. TEROSON MS 9120 is free of solvents, isocyanates, silicones and PVC, and is odorless. It demonstrates good adhesion to many substrates and is compatible with suitable paint systems. TEROSON MS 9120 demonstrates the strength necessary for elastic bonding. This property of the product also remains at the temperatures in repair ovens (max. 100°C). TEROSON MS 9120 shows no shrinkage and therefore dimpling and tension stress are not observed under these conditions. As long as the applied material is uncured, TEROSON MS 9120 is spotweldable. The sealant also demonstrates good UV resistance and can therefore be used for interior and exterior applications. Further information on the product can be obtained from the local technical department:

Directions for use:
Preliminary Statement:
Prior to application it is necessary to read the Material Safety Data Sheet for information about precautionary measures and safety recommendations. Also, for chemical products exempt from compulsory labeling, the relevant precautions should always be observed.

The substrates must be clean, dry, oil and grease free. For pretreatment TEROSON VR 10 is suitable.

TEROSON MS 9120 can directly be applied from cartridges employing standard air or hand operated guns. Low material temperatures of the sealant will lead to an increase of viscosity, resulting in a lower extrusion rate. This can be avoided by bringing the sealant up to room temperature prior to applicationIf substrates are too cold, temperature may fall below dew point causing condensation. This can be avoided by bringing the substrates up to room temperature in time. Tip based on our practical experience:TEROSON MS 9120 can serve as a backfilling material for the sprayable seam sealant Teroson MS 9320 when filling deep joints, spraying Teroson MS 9320 wet-on-wet onto TEROSON MS 9120.

For cleaning application equipment contaminated with uncured TEROSON MS 9120 we recommend the use of cleaner TEROSON VR 10. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.

  • Frost-Sensitive : no
  • Recommended storage temperature, °C: 10 to 25
  • Shelf-life: 12 months

  • Colour: white, grey, black
  • Odour: odourless
  • Consistency: paste
  • Density, g/cm³: approx. 1.5
  • Skin formation time, min*: approx. 8
  • Curing mechanism: humidity curing
  • Cure rate, mm/24 hrs*: approx. 3
  • Shore-A-hardness (DIN 53505): approx. 50
  • Tensile strength (acc. to DIN 53504), MPa: approx. 2.5
  • Elongation at break (acc. to DIN 53504),%:approx. 250
  • Volume change (acc. to DIN 52451), %: <2.5
  • Application temperature, °C: 5 to 40

    Full technical information can be found in the technical data sheet.
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