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Unpacking and Inspection:
Carefully unpack the Loctite Universal FixMaster Dispenser and examine the items contained in the carton. Inspect unit for any damage that might have occurred in transit. If such damage has occurred, notify the carrier immediately. Claims for damage must be made by the consignee to the carrier and should be then reported to the manufacturer.

Items supplied:
  • Manual Dispenser
    - Assembled ready for 400 ml 1:1 ratio cartridges
  • 1 Multi-Ratio Plunger Kit

    Container Types:
    This dispenser is suitable to dispense:
  • 200 ml dual cartridges 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 ratios
  • 400 ml dual cartridges 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 ratios
  • 490 ml dual cartridges 10:1 ratio

    Technical data:
  • Weight: 1,72 kg
  • Mechanical Advantage: 26:1

    Plunger Disk Removal:
  • Place applicator with release knob on floor,
  • Put both thumbs on front plate and fingers behind the plunger disk you desire to remove,
  • Move fingers forward toward thumbs until plunger disk snaps off rod. If the plunger disk is hard to remove, use a rubber mallet and gently tap until plunger disk becomes loose,

    Plunger Disk Assembly:
  • Put socket of plunger disk over rod shaft,
  • Push firmly onto the rod shaft until plunger disk snaps in place. There should be two snapping sounds which will ensure the plunger disks are firmly attached. Some twisting of the plunger disk may be required to achieve the second snap.
  • Both plunger disks should be parallel with each other. This will ensure proper mixing of materials.

    Further information about the product can be obtain from local technical department:
  • Assortment