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Loctite SI 5367 WH -310 ml (white silicone)

Prooduct description:
LOCTITE SI 5367 has been designed specifically for use as a bonding agent to ensure perfect sealing, as well as bonding and protection. Typical applications include sealing side windows in trains, sealing heat sources (ovens, heat exchangers, steam circuits, water heaters), providing protection/insulation of electrical boxes, bonding of HCR silicones and in the general care and maintenance applications in various fields. This product is typically used in applications up to 250 °C. Further information on the product can be obtained from the local technical department:

Steps to achieve the best adhesive results:
1. For best performance bond surfaces should be clean and free from grease. You can use LOCTITE SF 7063.
2. Moisture curing begins immediately after the product is exposed to the atmosphere, therefore parts to be assembled should be mated within a few minutes after the product is dispensed.
3. When joint is assembled pressure should be applied to spread the adhesive out and fill the joint completely.
4. The bond should be allowed to cure (e.g. seven days), before subjecting to heavy service loads.

Store product in the unopened container in a dry location. Storage information may be indicated on the product container labeling.
Optimal Storage: 8 °C to 21 °C. Storage below 8 °C or greater than 28 °C can adversely affect product properties.
Material removed from containers may be contaminated during use. Do not return product to the original container.
Henkel Corporation cannot assume responsibility for product which has been contaminated or stored under conditions other than those previously indicated.

  • Time to get full strength at the gap 0,5 mm (23 °C) : 7 days
  • Working temperature : -60 °C to +250 °C
  • Hardness : 20 Shore A
  • Color : white
  • Shear strength : 2 N/mm²
  • Elongation break : 500%

Full technical information can be found in the technical data sheet.