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Loctite EA 3463 - 114 g (Metal Magic Steel Stick)

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Product description:
LOCTITE 3463 is a versatile, dual component, easy to use, steel filled epoxy repair putty. It is applied like a putty and when cured it has a high compressive strength and good adhesion to most surfaces. This product stops leaks in pipes and tanks, fills oversized bolt holes, smoothes welds, and repairs non-structural defects in castings holes in tanks. This product is typically used in applications with an operating range of -30 °C to +121 °C. Further information on the product can be obtained from your local technical department:

Steps to achieve the best adhesive results:
1. CAUTION: Do not apply to surfaces above 66 °C.
2. Apply to clean and dry surface for best strength. LOCTITE 3463 can be applied to wet surfaces, but bond strength will be lower.
3. For maximum adhesion, clean and sand surface.
4. Use gloves; do not mix with bare hands.
5. Cut required amount of material from stick. Remove clear plastic wrapper from cut section.
6. To mix, first twist the material to produce a spiral pattern of resin and hardener. Next, knead material for 2-3 minutes or until a uniform color is achieved.
7. Firmly apply for patch, repair or bonding.
8. For a smooth finish, wet a cloth or finger with water and smooth.

Store product in the unopened container in a dry location. Material removed from containers may be contaminated during use. Do not return liquid to original container. Storage information may be indicated on the product container labeling.
Optimal Storage: 8 °C to 21 °C. Storage below 8 °C or greater than 28 °C can adversely affect product properties.
Henkel cannot assume responsibility for product which has been contaminated or stored under conditions other than those recommended.

  • Hardness Shore'a, ISO 868, Shore D : >70
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity, ASTM F 433, W/(m·K) : 1,016
  • Glass transition temperature Tg, ISO 11359-2, °C : 54
  • Compressive strength, ISO 604 N/mm² : 50
  • Modulus of elasticity in compression, ISO 604, N/mm² : 6 120
  • Tensile strength , ISO 527-2, N/mm² : 18,8
  • Tensile modulus, ISO 527-2, N/mm² : 105
  • Elongation at break, % 0,3
  • Flexural strength, ASTM D790, N/mm² : 37
  • Bending modulus, ASTM D790, N/mm² : 7 820
  • Cured time (25 °C), minutes : 10
  • Gelation time (25 °C), minutes : 2,5 do 3,5
  • Pot life, (25 °C), minutes : 2,5 do 5

Full technical information can be found in the technical data sheet.